Thomas Waterhouse, LMHC, PA

Counseling and Consulting in Tampa Bay, Florida

Counseling done with excellence accomplishes two things simultaneously.

First, your awareness of self and others increases, and your world becomes bigger!

Second, you acquire skills, tools, and the ability to master the new terrain that you are entering.

All of this means that your work with me will expand your world and make you more effective in the new and exciting realms that you find within yourself, between you and others, and with expanding situations all around you.

✅ Do you want more insight and mastery of your inner world of thoughts, feelings, and purposes? I can help you with that.

✅ Do you want to have better relationships with loved ones, friends, and workmates? I can help you with that too!

✅ Perhaps you are assembling a team to achieve a goal. I love helping small groups and organizations to gain focus, build cohesiveness, and cultivate cultures of success. In fact, one of my favorite seminar offerings is "Forming the Heart of a Team."

So, if you are looking for personal counseling or corporate coaching, ways to make your relationships brighter, or building a dynamic team, then you will love my mission, “Inspiring, cultivating, and supporting personal effectiveness for individuals, families, small communities, and corporate cultures.” That’s simply what I love to do.

Inspiring, cultivating, and supporting personal effectiveness.™ 💫

What clients say about me
Tom's ideas are succinct and paradigm shifting.
P.K., Palm Harbor, FL
Tom's communications are simple, practical, and he gets straight to the point!
A.H., Trinity, FL
Tom listens, and he hears too!
J.K., Clearwater, FL